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Welcome to Student Services Hub!

In light of the latest COVID-19 safe distancing measures, we will be providing our services online, and can be reached at

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    We serve as a one-stop resource for student services and a knowledge centre for our students.

    Here at Student Services Hub, you will be able to conveniently complete your university transactions, obtain information on SMU, our programmes, policies, or just about any other student-related issue.


    Need the Matriculation Letter for CITREP claims? Get your Enrolment Letter (soft copy) from OASIS. Find out more here!

    Posted on 21 Jul 2020

    Undergraduate Concession Card Application is taking place from 1 July to 31 August! Find out more here!

    Posted on 21 Jul 2020

    AY2020/21 Term 1 Tuition Fee Payment Deadline – 3 September

    Check your fees payable on OASIS from 4 August onwards! You should receive an email notification from Office of Finance when the fees are charged to your OASIS account.

    Posted on 21 Jul 2020

    Last updated on 16 Jul 2020 .

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