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    About us

    The Student Services Hub is a new initiative to create a comprehensive resource for students and their families to obtain information, receive answers to enquiries, and provide direction about policies, tasks, and requirements in student administrative areas.

    The Student Services Hub streamlines the most common student services at one convenient location. Our advisors are cross-trained in the area of student payments, student insurance matters, locker rental, and other general student services.

    We can help students navigate university resources and services, and make it easier for students to get the answers they need and complete their university transactions. Our goal is to create a quality student-centered and technologically rich service model that delivers accurate and efficient student services in a comfortable and supportive environment.

    Our Service Commitment

    Student Services Hub is committed to providing an excellent level of service and we strive to maintain this with regular reviews, staff training, and acting upon feedback of our customers.

    Last updated on 20 Sep 2018 .

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