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    Resources for Parents

    Resources for Parents

    Parental support is crucial as your child enters university. Among the many ways you can support your child is by empowering him or her to make decisions as he journeys through life at SMU. This is key to your child’s personal development.

    Download Parents' Guide

    The resources in this guide are extensive, but far from exhaustive. We urge you to look through the information we have put together so that you can advise your child when the need arises. SMU highly values its partnership with parents; it is through this partnership that we can harness the full potential of your child. We hope you will stay connected with us, tap on our resources and reach out to us should you need to.

    With the right support mechanisms, we are confident your child will flourish at SMU, and get the best university life we have to offer!

    Last updated on 19 Apr 2023 .